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Comealot Sex Clinic: Jasmine – FREE Kindle Edition – 2 days only! (January 10-11)

All through the night Mark dreamed about Jasmine. He wanted her, his woman, his sex slave to visit with him and relieve the pressure. He knew what he wanted from her. He knew what he needed from her. He knew the end result, the goal of their encounter. He knew he wanted to squirt cum and his beautiful muse, Jasmine, would be his cum hole tonight. So he called her name, over and over again, until she answered his call, his plea for sex, his dream.

In a whispering voice, a sexy voice, Jasmine the lovely sex goddess, begins to tell her story.

Do you want to enjoy a collection of immorally delicious Sex Stories full of love and lust – from the very beginning to the breathtaking end?

This book is a Taboo Erotica Collection filled with Explicit Sex Scenes for the enjoyment Women and Men alike. Prepare yourself for soaked panties and wet dreams tonight!

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