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Book Promotion: To All the Places I’ve Had Sex Before by Laux the Author


Does sexual freedom mean liberation?

To All the Places I’ve Had Sex Before explores sexual politics, the power of truth telling, and what it truly means to achieve sexual liberation. It is a collection of true short stories that explores the intersection between mental health and sexual health.

This book speaks to the activists, the nerds, and the public health saviors who are looking to break free of the stories that society has told over and over again about the way we should (or should not) talk about sex. These short sexcapades will have you asking yourself, why did she sleep with that man? While some questions might not be answered, the sexual recounts are filled with a certain brand of recklessness that can only serve as a source of humor.

You will love this book if you enjoy honesty, if you like to laugh, if you want to reflect, if you like to read other people’s thoughts and if you enjoy questioning other people’s life choices.

You can get your eBook or paperback on Amazon for 99 cents for a limited time only.