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Podcast: Model Behaviour

Listen Here   == Hey there everyone. I've been wanting to write about my life as a professional model for quite some time. I hope you like this little romp about my unique lifestyle and true life act of bondage and submission.   Intro: Do models have it all? Good looks, money, lifestyle and fame? Piss off a photographer honey and you get paid in a different way. Wanna know what happened to me the other day? Excerpt: He smacked me so hard that I’m sure his hand stung worse then my ass although this was gonna change quickly. I’m scared and trembling and my ass is stinging but yet I’m as excited as hell. Let's put it this way, the floodgates had opened! He virtually rips me out of my rope harness in nanoseconds, man! I was hoping that he wouldn't be aware of this but he swiftly pulled my knickers down and slipped his hand between my thighs so slowly that I couldn't tell where was hurting more, my ass or my

Book Promotion: Nurse Judy - FREE Kindle Edition for 2 Days Only, January 8-9

   Hello Comealot fans. Today is a big day at the Comealot Sex Clinic. Nurse Judy Kindle Edition is FREE! You can download the ebook for FREE at: .  For men: This ebook and the accompanying audiobook is intended to give you the incentive and inspiration you need to excel in bed. Do you want to be known as a star performer? Then give these scripts to your lover and ask her to act out the scenes for you. She’ll enjoy playing Nurse Judy for you and you’ll get a kick out of it too. For the ladies: Want to jazz up your sex life? Want to impress your man, in and out of bed? You can use these scripts to train his penis to respond to the sound of your voice. Record one of these scripts and send him a voicemail. He’ll be standing at attention and ready for sex all day long! Download FREE audio erotica here:

Comealot Love Letters – FREE Kindle Edition for 2 days only! (January 2-3)

     Get ready to enjoy your day with a book so crammed full of love it will touch your life forever. This book contains buckets of love encapsulated in a series of letters, poems and musings intended to give its reader a look into the insatiable love that words can conjure up. Curious readers perusing these letters will be astounded and enthralled by the emotions etched onto the pages of this book. It will entice and entrap you into the world of a love-starved romantic from where the only means of escape is by sharing your terms of endearment with the ones you love. Love conquers all and endures forever! You can download the Comealot Love Letters (Kindle Edition) for FREE at: . Download FREE audio erotica here: