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Podcast: Model Behaviour

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Hey there everyone. I've been wanting to write about my life as a professional model for quite some time. I hope you like this little romp about my unique lifestyle and true life act of bondage and submission.


Intro: Do models have it all? Good looks, money, lifestyle and fame? Piss off a photographer honey and you get paid in a different way. Wanna know what happened to me the other day?

Excerpt: He smacked me so hard that I’m sure his hand stung worse then my ass although this was gonna change quickly. I’m scared and trembling and my ass is stinging but yet I’m as excited as hell. Let's put it this way, the floodgates had opened! He virtually rips me out of my rope harness in nanoseconds, man! I was hoping that he wouldn't be aware of this but he swiftly pulled my knickers down and slipped his hand between my thighs so slowly that I couldn't tell where was hurting more, my ass or my pussy?






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