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Love Asia Project - Female Voiceover Actress Wanted

I’m looking for a sex positive Asian Female Voiceover Actress to help produce a love story based on real life experiences (see job posting below). This book will encourage Asian women and American men to get together online in long distance relationships to find true love.

This book starts off by asking two simple question 1) How to meet Asian women online (see video sample below)? and 2) How to meet American men online?

Love Asia Project - Female Voiceover Actress Wanted


We’re looking for a female voice over artist with soothing, sultry voice. Must have the ability to play multiple characters. 1) Motivational. 2) Romantic, 3) Sensual, 4) Clinical. Requires versatile, voice acting skills and the natural talent to play any role. You must be OK with content for mature audiences. Asian single mom preferred.




  • Asian Female


  • Proven work experience as a voiceover actress


  • Must be able to speak English fluently


  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)


  • Excellent communication skills


  • College degree or advanced training in public speaking, acting, education, or related field