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Podcast: Male Masturbation Techniques – The Five Act Play

Listen Here We affectionately call this treatment program our “Five Act Play”. Let me summarize as follows. Act 1 – Get Hard Act 2 – Squeeze Technique Act 3 – Start and Stop Technique Act 4 – Edge It Act 5 – Cum for me Masturbation for males is the act of stimulating the penis manually to provide self-pleasure. This handy dandy guide of audio tutorials will have you masturbating like a champ in no time. Download the FREE ebook and all 12 audio files (108 min.) here: Want to show your support? Spread the word to your friends & follow us on Twitter at

Mark Fleshman

I’m an author of love letters, love poems and erotica books. I created the Comealot Sex Clinic, a safe haven where sexual expression knows no bounds. I like reading, writing and listening to erotica and I love hearing my steamy, sizzling sex stories oozing off a woman's lips.

You can find my blog and a compilation of my love letters read by the author here: